Hot or smart women?

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what do you prefer a hot women with an empty brain or a smart women with an empty face?15066835211506683521150668352115066835211506683521If i would be a boy , I prefer smart woman than a sexy woman . Beacause i can't live live forever with a sexy woman , yah she's sexy, but he has no brain ? So smart woman is an ideal one.Why not both? i think getting married, i prefer both of Hot or smart women?With both of it.for me the brain is more important, but if it can both it is betterIt is not like they have to be one or the other. There are smart beautiful women and dumb ugly ones.
I am lucky my wife is beautiful and intelligent.?
To answer your question if you are just dating around and nothing serious I guess looks would win but I would not recommend marrying someone you think is stupid. Looks fade with time and you don抰 want to be growing old with someone you can抰 have a conversation with. How hot a girl was when she was 20 doesn抰 do much for you when you are both 70 sitting there on the porch.I prefer smart woman. It is because in a smart woman, you can learn a lot of things. She has a lot of knowledge about the things that some people might not know.I will definitely go in for smart womanRespect is important, and we usually don't respect fools.
The problem is, there is more hot women than smart women, and it is easier for a woman to be hot than to be smart.My wife is both haha? Hot or smart women?
Anyway, I think intelligence is always more important than a sexy body... often sexy girls are very silly and you cannot even talk to them. If you wanna get married, you have to prefer intelligence over hotness. Even better if you find both qualities like me!
Quote from: calamansigalunggong on September 28, 2017, 11:46:17 PM
what do you prefer a hot women with an empty brain or a smart women with an empty face?
hot woman and have smart brain like me? Hot or smart women?Smart, intelligent, nice, with sense of humor, compatibility.
External beauty will disappear/diminish, if a woman has the above qualities, it's a guarantee that you'll be comfortable with her forever.
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But most of the boys prefer hot woman.