Altcoin Trading Strategies

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I'm not quite sure if this counts as a strategy since I'm not discussing technical? indicators like MACD and RSI, etc. perse. But I am trying to figure out something that has confused me for some time.See Below:
Background Strategy:
[PROFIT COINS: Up until recently my most basic strategy was if I was going long, to look for coins that were in a trading range, sell when they were high; when trades were volatile I would change my strategy to day or swing trading to optimize the coins I would be able to have when those coins entered another trading range. (the nuances of how I know when to buy and sell is mostly technical mixed with fundamental knowledge depending on which strategy I use)]
[PERMANENT EXIT/HOLD COIN: I am one of the bankless, and yet I need the ability to take my exits rapidly without waiting for potential buyers and meeting at local places. If I want to EXIT into cash without plans to jump back into the market quickly I have numerous ways to exit. But without a bank account esp. one connected to an exchange, if I want to jump back. When I did have a bank account, Circle was my go to place, esp. since I had had problems with Coinbase and bad support. When Circle closed it's doors, I was left without a real option. But getting cash isn't too much of a problem. It's just that when I do exit; I'm really exiting either to make a purchase which I can do in Bitcoin or to profit in my native currency.

This brings me to my questions:
1. TEMP EXIT COIN: When I want to take profits from a coin that has just gone up, I usually jump into a cryptocurrency that has been stable for a while as a place to pause, scan the markets, and decide if I want to jump back into that coin or in another coin or spread out my profits into various long-term/short-term/medium-term positions. I can only actively manage 1-2 trades at a time.
....Litecoin for many years was that coin for me; but Litecoin has been volatile -- of course volatility is GREAT for profit, but usually I'm profiting off of a different coin, and am jumping into another coin for a mini-break, to recollect, revise, refine strategies. I'm working on developing a solution that would allow me to trade 24/7 but that solution takes time.
...DASH/ETH/MON were great when they were at a stable price, but they're also pretty volatile, and any 'short' trading ranges they have in this moment don't tell me much about the long-term.
...USD TETHER was a nice solution for me because of poloniex allowed me to trade it. But I ended up getting stuck on Poloniex for a few reasons that involved really bad technical support at Poloniex. And all the issues that TETHER is having has made it difficult to keep any of my major profits due to the premiums. We're talking, the premium difference is different enough that I can lose $200 - $400 in profits just exchanging my coins for USD TETHER and then back again. Making it better to stay within the bitcoin ecosystem unless I want to truly cash out....
...Bitcoin -- I want to trade bitcoin against the altcoins, but I run the problem of bitcoin dipping and not having an exit strategy for getting out of bitcoin... just having a nice place to 'hold' for a moment without worrying of major dips so I can recollect, even if just for a week or two.
...Some mentioned Dogecoin - my problem with Dogecoin is that I worry about putting my holdings in Doge, but I don't know too much about it.
...XRP and XEM are coins that fall back into trading ranges, but they're a little volatile in this moment, though probably the most reliable bet for semi-short-term stability with long-term positive projections.

Possible Solution: One thing I thought about doing is scanning a list of potential coins and looking for coins that have currently dipped really low or that are in a trading range -- at the moment no coins that are in my watch list are in a trading range. I like to look for coins that are in a trading range and have either a neutral position in the markets or have a promising future, that way my money has a potential to shoot up if I wait. So it has become a timing thing:
****When my coin is up, look for a coin on my watchlist that is in a low with a promise to go up, if all coins are up...I don't yet have a solution...what solutions do some traders use here when all the coins they want to jump into are positioned up (not necessarily a concern with down since I usually try to only buy when downs and accept short-term losses if a position is up but not by much, I like a coin to be in a 5-10%+ loss with positive long-term support, when I buy it if possible.)****

When it comes to choosing an altcoin to hold in:
*I like to choose a good coin that has a stable wallet so I don't have to hold in an exchange;
*I prefer coins that have trading options on shapeshift so I don't get locked into trading on Poloniex as I have been lately (since I can't withdraw past 2k and have more than 2k in my account...forces me to trade within Polo...not to mention their customer support when I couldn't withdraw for 4 days is HORRIBLE, took them almost 2 weeks to get back to me);
*I also prefer coins that are available on a wallet like JAXX or similar, and hardware wallets. This limits me obviously. Recently though ledger wallet has supported some of the coins I sit in, so there's that.
*I don't tend to use coins or wallets whose only options are centralized like USD TETHER. Or wallets that I don't enjoy (ex. XEM as there was a glitch that caused it to eat my money once during a transfer). Esp. since I hold large funds.
*Not a lot of --news-- releases going on.
*Has high liquidity and can trade and available on Shapeshift.
This said....not including the coins I am actively trading strategies in
My options seem to be limited to:
*Dash, Eth, Augur (shapeshift enabled)? - these are all timing games. I tend to prefer to buy them when their weekly or monthly projection is low, and right now the timing doesn't feel right.
*Xem, XRP (poloniex limited) - potential for stability but only if I want to get stuck trading on Poloniex as I don't have a wallet I trust for these, and would end up holding on Poloniex, not a very good option for me.
***BTC, LTC - too volatile.
2. Trading Groups: I am a really good trader, I have a good trading strategy that I continue to refine and adapt. I win 3 out of 4 of my trades, and there are some times when my wins are 4/4. Any losses I do have are too small to really consider losses when I consider my gains. Probably the biggest thing I need to work on is optimizing my trading strategy so that I take more opportunities and profits; since I see many? places where I could be earning more, quicker, and so my goal has been to refine that strategy.
I've found that the bitcoin forums/trollboxes/etc. aren't the best place to seek advice since the vast majority of people here are emotional/irrational when it comes to trading. But I haven't yet figured out where a good trading group would be for intermediate to expert traders would be where people can discuss strategies and trades with a level-head. So I am hoping that some long-term traders who trade for a living or as a really good source of passive/or/active side-income as I do could share some advice with me.
Trading is one of the ways that I make a pretty nice side-living over the long-term, it's one of my passions, but it can get kind of lonely and sometimes I have questions that sure I can research, but having level-headed people to talk to helps. It would be nice to talk to other traders. One trading group I found charged money just to have access to the groups chatroom, and part of how I make my money is by reducing little costs like that, so just wondering if anyone knows of any trading groups out there that are both free and quality.