Will IOTA hit 500 Million USD Market Cap?

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Poll is self-explanatory.
IOTA is an amazing new crypto currency without a blockchain and IT ACTUALLY WORKS.
We have been able to run it for a while. 0 tx fees, just incredible.
Will it go big?1493504489149350448914935044891493504489It will be bigger then Eth and Bitcoin combined
Quote from: hotsurfing on July 01, 2016, 01:07:05 PM
It will be bigger then Eth and Bitcoin combined

This scam coin will never hit anything like this. Most people are aware this ICO was not conducted fairly as other large ICOs and has been written off as ?a scam. Keep dreaming it will be lucky to hit 5 million dollars.People won't care if it's a scam or not if it's an increasing number on an exchange.Will they anchor into Factom?
Quote from: gentlemand on July 01, 2016, 02:47:44 PM
People won't care if it's a scam or not if it's an increasing number on an exchange.

People will care if its a scam when it all gets dumped on their asses. Sure if you want to buy in at even a 5 million market cap 10x ICO ?price then go for it. This topic is nothing but another attempt and pumping and shilling a scam.
Put it on exchanges, let's see where it's at 2 months later rather than hoarding it up now telling us how much its worth. What essential features does it bring that are proven to work without any additional weaknesses. Let's get it out in to the wild and let people start testing it.
The white paper is a load of high level math that less than 0.000001% of this board can grasp. Go study those formulas and let me know for sure how confident you are that they demonstrate what they say they demonstrate. Let's put it into the wild and lets some real smart people have a go as breaking it before we put a value on something untested but a few people that have vested interest in not seeing it get broken.
This is aside from the fact a tiny tiny fraction of people control the entire supply. Its the worst ICO i have seen yet for initial distribution.
The lead dev said what does it matter if it was a bunch of puppet accounts primarily involved since BCT means nothing and outside of here nobody will be aware of what happened.
Hope some smart ass breaks it in the first few days. The shills and puppet pushers for this project are worse than any I have seen before.
Release it, lets see what it brings and if its secure.Everyone knows deep down they'll get dumped on eventually. I cannae believe this ICO bollocks is still a thing.Looking at the current ICO trends, it will get dumped hard..While talking about it early.
Yes, and capitalization in this kind of project can bear temporary character.The question is when? After the official start mid of July, it will definetely not reach 500 million in market cap. However, IOTA is something completely new and there is many rumors around. If it holds what it promises then 500 million will be just a passing mark of the IOTA rise in the future.its at 125 Mill OTC